Фотограф на Майорке

Photographer in Mallorca and Ibiza Spain

Save the memories

   Mallorca, Ibiza, Spain ... What do you imagine when you think about Spain? Soft sunshine? Warm waves of the sea? The old city? The harsh rocks? Mysterious caves? - This beautiful island offers all this and so much more - it is a complete and perfect setting for many photo shoots, inviting you to take professional pictures and keep the memories of a trip to paradise. Photographer in Mallorca and in Spain will help you to make it.

   Professional Photoshoot in Mallorca and Ibiza, Spain



   We are a team of professional photographers based on the beautiful islands of Mallorca and Ibiza. Spain, and in particular, the magical Balearic islands, inspire creativity, helping develop ideas and improve skills. So, what can we offer?


  • We know the islands. We have researched the historic, touristic and professional points of view. It is not just a shooting, it is an adventure. We can show the island from different angles, not just well known tourist places.

  • We offer different locations: Palma de Mallorca, the capital of balearic islands, wild beaches, trips around the islands or we can always discuss your ideas and wishes.

  • We have all the necessary professional photo and video equipment, transportation and makeup and hair artists -these are some of the main advantages of our photo shoots.

  • Reasonable prices.

  • Wedding ceremony. We will capture one of the most important days of your life and show your true love shining. With the ability to create an unforgettable atmosphere, ranging from the installation of a flower arch to the smallest details, you will get high-quality images, bursting with emotions.

  • We take into account all your wishes to create for you unique pictures that will bring a smile and pleasant memories of an amazing holiday in Spain.


    Whatever your idea is, whatever the reason for the photo shoot, we will always do our best to please you with really high quality, bright and emotional pictures.

   Before the shooting you will get all the necessary guidance: how to prepare for a shooting, pick the clothes, what is worth taking with you or best left in the hotel room.

  We hope that by working with you, we all receive such pleasure from a photo shoot in Mallorca and Spain!